• Iterate part design with a team of engineers
  • Develop rapid prototypes to streamline production
  • Fine-tune chemical compositions to suit your needs
  • Achieve a higher tolerance with reduced secondary machining
  • Benefit from large diameter and deep-draw molding capabilities
  • Cornerstone Composites takes your custom-molded parts to the next level of performance with our higher-strength formulations, precision molding and CNC machining. We partner with nimble, innovative OEMS who want more out of their custom parts.

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    What people say

    • Boyd and the guys at Cornerstone Composites have been very easy to work with.  They have gone the extra mile to make the IconX LLC a successful start-up company.  Without their expertise, dedication and patience  our project may have never got off the drawing board. 

      Joel Foderberg, CEO IconX, L.L.C. 5525 Kaw Drive PO Box 2443 Kansas City, Kansas 66102