Cornerstone Composites, Inc. is a contract molding company that makes components for a wide variety of Original Equiptment Manufacturers (OEM). We enjoy the challenge of applying stronger solutions by using thermosetting composites in multiple applications and markets.
Our company molds products from thermosetting composite materials - BMC, SMC, Phenolic, Epoxy, Melamine, Carbon Fiber, DAP and others. Our target opportunities are to convert costly metal castings, metal fabrications and high end thermoplastics into thermoset composite materials. The intrinsic structural and thermal performance of these materials make them ideal for replacing time consuming processes of die-cast, machined or fabricated metal products. 
Our current focus is to help customers reduce weight and cost of their products through offering innovative design, stronger solutions and value added operations. Learn more.
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Prototyping and Engineering Design​

Prototyping: We know prototyping is an important step in product development and new product design, so we offer our customers the ability to provide prototype parts –from simple to complex– so you know exactly what you are getting.

Engineering Design: Our mission is to help customers get their products to market quickly. Our engineering group will manage your project from conception to production. We use the latest 3D CAD software for designing and offer 3D solid model for customer evaluation. Let our engineers assist you with proper selection of composite material for your application and any product design assistance for manufacturability.


An emphasis on quality is built into our entire production process. Known for providing quality parts, we provide Statistical Process Control and Process Capability Studies. Our production process is governed by comprehensive work instructions to ensure each part is made according to set guidelines. We are an Underwriters Laboratory recognized fabricator. Certified to ISO 9001:2015. 

Our Quality Policy: Perform above customers expectation and improve everyday!

Tooling Maintenance

We offer in-house tooling maintenance and rebuild programs. Our 2600 square foot tool room houses a large array of machining equipment capable of handling simple to complex tooling work. We can manage any incoming die or mold and prep them for production runs. Our tooling department can also build fixtures for your production or assembly needs.

In the near future, Cornerstone Composites will have the ability to be a full in-house mold builder to help reduce tooling cost and lead-time to their customer base.

Vendor Manage Inventory

In today’s lean manufacturing mindset, everyone is looking for ways to reduce non-value added activities. That is why Cornerstone Composites offers their customers the option of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). VMI helps to reduce repetitive activities on the customer end by allowing Cornerstone Composites to manage their inventory levels. The net result is the reduction of paperwork (in the form of PO's) in the system, manageable on-hand inventory levels and timely receipts of products in response to changing production patterns.

We offer weekly deliveries to customers or at a schedule that fits with their production rates. VMI can also help save on deliveries charges.

Secondary Operation

With the constant pressure of reducing cost and quality defects, Cornerstone Composites offers customers the options of secondary operation that can be done prior to shipping the product. We can drill and tap, grind, paint, add coating or do assemblies work.


Cornerstone Composites has the right equipment amongst two manufacturing locations to produce PARTS that are small and intricate but also large deep draw geometrics. Please review our equipment list.

Cornerstone Composites, Inc., partners with nimble, innovative OEMS who want more out of their custom parts. As the product of a recent merger of two respected composite leaders— Wisconsin Thermoset, Inc., and Rose Polymer Composite—Cornerstone Composites, Inc., is run by engineers, for engineers. We partner with you from napkin sketch to finished product. "We assure you, we will create the right piece for the right performance that is designed for the right environment." - Boyd Miller CEO

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