Since the mid-20th century…
Since the mid-20th century, the companies of Cornerstone Composites, Inc. have helped OEMs find stronger solutions for their custom parts molding needs. Wisconsin Thermoset, Inc., and Rose Polymer Composite operated independently from 1941 and 1961, respectively. Their merger in 2015 strengthened the service opportunities of both companies exponentially. Customers trust Cornerstone Composites, Inc., because we blend a next-generation passion for innovation with old-fashioned values like honesty, openness and collaboration.

Put simply: we don’t lie. We don’t cheat. Happy customers tell us that our people are our most valuable resource.
Cornerstone’s first priority is helping you find the right material for your project—even if that doesn’t turn out to be ours. For most customers, high-strength formulations along with optimal technical design will offer significant benefits over metal or plastic parts, at times rivaling the strength of light steel.
If you are switching from metal or plastic to composite, we understand the uncertainties that surround this decision.

We are here to help you walk into the future safely, step by step, with these amazing formulations.