13 August 2016

Omni Warning System

With the intensity of threats coming from changing weather patterns and social unrest the Omni Warning System is growing in popularity.  These devices are used to alert the public by emitting sounds or messages through an amplification system.  The molded composite shell along with some internal components offer the right characteristics for optimal performance in the harshest outdoor environments. The material was carefully selected to withstand immense vibration caused by the amplifiers.  Best of all the cost is significantly lower than other similar products that use metal through elimination of secondary operations such as surface protection, precision machining and assembly of features that are easily molded in as a single design.  Finally the tooling used to mold these shapes come with a low wear rate and often last the life of each product.  

13 August 2016

Wall Ties

What a marvelous use of thermosetting composites.  Another example of replacing metals in an application that calls for non conductive performance.  The Icon X is a device that tethers concrete around insulating foam.  They are known as sandwich walls and are growing in popularity and use throughout the world to meet increasing standard for energy efficiency.  These wall ties are non conductive so temperatures do not transfer between the two concrete slabs.  The real marvel is the immense loads that are supported during tilt up installation but also variations in with weather and settling conditions.  

13 May 2015

Man Hole Cover

This product demonstrates the full strength of creative ingenuity here at Cornerstone.  The part was first developed by Rose Polymer and the customer.  It involves a two part material solution.  One layer consists of a glass woven mat that provides exceptional strength.  Another material is fused on top to provide a wonderful aestic appearance with slight gloss and crisp lettering.  The benefits of using composites in this way are many but to name a few: 1)  Colorability 2) Clear Molded Insignia, lettering or symbols 3) Transmitivty for data signals 4) Weight reduction and 5) Lower Cost.