Boyd Miller (President) and Andy Stroh (Vice President)

Cornerstone impressed at its inaugural trade show

Cornerstone impressed at it’s inaugural tradeshow event on May 10th and 11th.  We proudly displayed at the Design to Part Show in Schaumberg, IL.  Boyd Miller (President) and Andy Stroh (Vice President) were present to enthuse attendees on the benefits of thermosetting materials used in structural and mechanical part designs.  We held our ground in a sea of “metal guys” and demonstrated the advantages of these materials through a compliment of samples coupled with the stories behind their genesis.  In short, our formulations are lighter, stronger and more resilient in harsh environments than comparable metal platforms.  Overall, it was an energetic atmosphere filled with displayers, engineers and sourcing professionals eager to exchange ideas on how to cost reduce and improve products.  We had a great time debuting our new company brand and provide Stronger Solutions.